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Zion Williamson Makes His Return

When Zion Williamson left the scene because of a knee injury, a lot of people were depressed. Though he was a rookie that played for the Pelicans, many fans and stakeholders had noticed the tremendous potential that he had stored up.

He came back to play on Jan. 22 for New Orleans. This was the season’s 45th basketball game. We are hoping that the injury has healed thoroughly.

With the coming back of Zion Williamson, many fans are waiting for him to begin his magical play style. We know that this period will be one that fans of his team won’t get enough of.

Williamson is said to take after LeBron James, and we won’t blame them for giving him this title. When he is on the court, he is magical. He is seen as a prospect that would make the court his home.

More on Zion

He debuted for his team, the Pelicans, on Jan. 22. The Pelicans’ executive VP, David Griffin, before the debut stated that he was hopeful that he would shake the world of basketball.

When Griffin was talking to sports reporters, he went on to state he wasn’t sure how he would act or perform during the debut.

People have wanted to know before his debut if he would truly come back to the field for that match, or he would come back later on in the season.

It is no news that last October, Zion underwent surgery to take care of the knee injury. He had torn out the meniscus, and the surgery was done to repair it. The doctors felt that it would take over eight weeks before he would show up on the field. There was no issue that was declared with the timeline.

The Wait

During the period of the wait, Griffin went on to state that he didn’t feel that Zion will stay off playing throughout the entire season.

It has been decided that he may not be allowed to play on simultaneous days. He would be allowed to play for as long as he decides to in a night. How he plays in court would say if he would stay longer or not.

It is no news that a lot of people have incredible expectations for this player. He has been a great player from when he was still in middle school.

The Pelicans seem to be suffering from the fact that talented players like Zion are not on the field. This doesn’t mean that the likes of Brandon Ingram are not doing their best to keep the team afloat.