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Will Drew Brees Resign with the Saints?

When the NFL off-season began, a lot of people were confused about what was going to happen. People had a lot of questions that needed to be answered, and the player status of Drew Brees – American football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints – was one of them.

People have always wanted to know how the potential “quarterback shuffle” would turn out, and this can be seen on a lot of football headlines. Keep reading to learn more.

Is Brees Retiring?

The New Orleans Saints are said to possess some quarterbacks with the intention of getting into free agency during this period. One of them is Drew Brees, a spectacular quarterback that everyone thinks will grace the Hall of Fame. He has currently superseded different records while on the field.

Some people are scared that the act of him retiring once this season ends would devastate their team. Last season, his passer rating was extremely high, ranked as the highest he had ever done throughout this career as a quarterback. He currently created a rating of 116.7. Some feel that if he should adorn the jersey of another team it would be weird. We have known him as being a formidable member of New Orleans Saints.  

People are speculating that any of the aforementioned could happen.

Possible Outcomes 

Currently, this team is said to possess a backup that does as well as Drew Brees. He is Teddy Bridgewater, and one player that a lot of fans can’t do without. When Brees was injured, Teddy took up the position and went to clinch 5-0. There is an extra backup that does well as Brees and Teddy. His name is Taysom Hill. It is believed that he has a long career ahead of him, meaning that he can shine brighter than the rest.

Based on what Mike Fliorio on his NBC show, profootballtalk said there is a great chance that New Orleans Saints can decide to sign both Hill and Brees. He also went on to say that he feels that Brees may want to retire anytime from now.

From what Brees has said, it seems that he has decided to spend a month deciding what he will do in the future. He may retire or not.

According to Jimmy Johnson, a precious coach, he feels that he would be sad if this great player decided to retire. A lot of fans have such thoughts too.

Do you know how incredible watching him on the field is? We won’t blame those that would be said if he decides to retire.