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Why is New Orleans Called the Big Easy?

We would all like to know and understand the reason why New Orleans Called the Big Easy. We don’t have a lot of ways we could refer to this city in Louisiana. It is around the Lake Pontchartrain and Mississippi River. Honestly speaking I can’t wait to know and understand why New Orleans has this beautiful name. I’m sure you would like to know too. Let’s go and find out, shall we? 

Reason New Orleans is Called the Big Easy

There are several theories available. There are some of these theories which could get traced to some columns in some newspapers. In the sixties, there was a columnist called Betty Guillaud and she coined this name allegedly as she compared The Big Easy to The Big Apple. Labianca Juliana who is a reader digest writer stated this information about Betty Guillaud. There were a lot of New Yorkers running helter-skelter as they later rested themselves in the reigned of New Orleans which was later termed as The Big Easy

Other reasons New Orleans is called the Big Easy. 

After merging with this beautiful name, different people think this cool name has to do with the bustling scene of music available in New Orleans. From the Trip Offers from the New Orleans culture, one checks what the twentieth century has to offer as a result of the high number of venues that handle different performances. This city has turned into a place that has lots of recognized musicians and jazz players nationally. It is also a haven for people in this genre. The city has a lot of people playing at parks, making appearances at nightclubs, and also New Orleans helps them to book private parties for guests with this desire. The Big Easy continues and would always be a supportive and open city that would embrace the thirst for aspiring musicians. 

Last reason why New Orleans is known as the Big Easy 

There are others like that which has explained who believe that this name is gotten and obtained from the tip of a hat to a dance hall known in the city of New Orleans known as The Big Easy. It was beginning to seem like this nickname for New Orleans could have been as contentious as whoever can fry up the beignet that comes out as best in the entire town of New Orleans. 

What the Public Feel about calling their Home Town (New Orleans) the Big Easy The Big Easy is a nice nickname for a town that has something for everyone. New Orleans isn’t a corrupt town. It is free, it is welcoming, it is home, all you need to do comes to New Orleans with a goal in mind. New Orleans would welcome you with its hands wide open. There is a place for everyone here. It is THE BIG EASY. Now you can understand how the people of New Orleans feel about this grand nickname.