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Where to Stay in New Orleans on a Budget

I want to go to New Orleans! My my. I’ve heard that place is so much fun. But yeah, I heard that if one doesn’t have a lot of cash on them, it is not going to be as fun as it would be for someone that is dirt wealthy. You could start asking? Where do I stay in New Orleans when I’m on a Budget!? Where do I go to? What do I do? How can I manage? You know, all of these things could be so sad and tiring and stressful to think about. Well, this piece is going to help you with some of the choices available to select from. This piece is created from the comments and thoughts of people that have wanted to go to New Orleans and they indeed went on a budget. So they are like me and you, you know. 

What Commenters have to say on this Issue 

A college student stated that if you want to enjoy New Orleans on the first few days, you should go to an inn, either a B&B or a guest house that’s close to the French Quarter. “I can’t tell you the dates to go there and the rates of the price because different dates have a different price attached. Do you understand? They have on a good day great weather. If you get to New Orleans in a month like March, for example, the visits of guests are not. So much, so the rates are reduced and the chances of getting a discount there is higher. You get my point” that’s what the first commenter stated. 

The second commenter stated that they for great value from the Hotel St Marie around the French Market. “It is like a lot of living well happens around the French Quarter. Everything related to French in New Orleans just sounds so nice and glam. I LOVE IT!”

The third commenter stated you’ll not be welcome warmly enough by the locals around if you go and stay at an Airb&b. This is because they would feel you want to come and show them you’re wealthy or you’re from a different class of people. The thing is you are even on a budget, where would you get the funds for you to pay for an Airb&b. So avoid Airb&b. They seem to enjoy being a controversial subject in New Orleans. 

Happily, the month of March is one of the months that’s affordable as a result of poor weather. When the dates are farther away from the holidays and celebrations like Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas, accommodation is way cheaper and more affordable. 

So there we have it. You know how to maneuver your way around New Orleans this month of March. As stated earlier, avoid Airb&b. There are controversial about them in New Orleans, you know the reason why they’re like that. When you get to New Orleans, enjoy the lifestyle there, there are a lot of cheap affordable things to purchase.