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When Was the Battle of New Orleans?

War is bloody and causes devastation on unprecedented levels, however, war could be regarded as a necessary evil, especially wars in the past. There have been several wars and battles from time immemorial, some are remembered and studied while others have been lost to the annals of history. One of the battles remembered is the battle of New Orleans, this battle is considered one of the battles that the US got one of its great victories against the British. In this article, we are going to consider when the battle happened. 

Battle of New Orleans 

This battle happened in New Orleans and it is considered so significant because it destroyed the plan of the British to seize control of a port, this port was essential to the Americans during the war. This is the battle that gave Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson notoriety all over the country. This battle happened on the 8th of January 1815.

There were casualties on both sides but that of the British forces was greater than the American forces. 

Contextually this battle happened after the defeat of Napoleon in 1814. The defeat of Napoleon gave the British ample time to focus on the war they had in America. This prompted them to be more strategic in their efforts, they burned Washington in 1814, in the month of August, this gave them more confidence as they moved to focus their attack on New Orleans. 

On getting wind of this plan Andrew Jackson headed to New Orleans on the 22nd of November, his journey to New Orleans lasted till the first of December, on getting to New Orleans Andrew Jackson started to organize and gather soldiers to form an army. He gathers soldiers from all over, including areas like Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, New Orleans. They were not just soldiers because he gathered businessmen, sailors, privateers, marines…etcetera. 

On the 8th of January 1815, the ragtag army that Andrew Jackson gathered defeated the British forces that were more experienced, and were way more in number. This victory soon took on a life of its own, as it started to signify the triumph of America and its democracy over the old ways of the Europeans. It is considered to be the final big battle between the British and the Americans during this war. 

The fine details of the battle include:

On that day the British started to attack before dawn, the British forces were led by Major General John Keane. Their attack on all sides was met by ready American soldiers, one of the Generals on the British side was injured. 

In an attempt to organize his British soldiers, one of the Generals named Pakenham rode ahead with his mantle but he was shot by the American side, he later died even though he was rescued and taken off of the battlefield. Within thirty minutes the British side lost two thousand of its soldiers out of about three thousand soldiers. Due to this devastation, the British side withdrew its forces.