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What to Wear in New Orleans in the Spring

Being a native from Louisiana and spending so much time in New Orleans, no longer being someone who stays in the Bayou, most of my family members remain there. Having visited a wedding in the Big Easy, which was so much fun. I’ve got many New Orleans trips, which have honestly been way more frequent in the past couple of years. I have realized that there are some things I would love to wear as I visit the city. If you do not know what to pack as you’re traveling to New Orleans for the holidays, don’t stress your mind. I’m here for you. 

Of course, you must have heard that the humidity and the heat are trademarks of the beautiful city of New Orleans. That isn’t what happens all through the year, but these rumors could be true. We have summer, spring, and even during the beginning of fall, these are somewhat true in New Orleans. There is a presence of rain showers too. Summer, spring, and even in the face of fall could be truly steamy there. You could spend a great deal of your time going to places like the Garden District, CafĂ© du Monde, St Louis Cathedral, Bourbon Street, French man street, and some other lovely places available in New Orleans during the spring. 

The general point is that we would go walking outside quite so much. You would need to wear dresses that would suit the rather festive chill out vibe of New Orleans. You need to scroll to find out more about what you can wear when you spend your time in New Orleans. This piece would help you enjoy your time there planning about what you would eat instead of always wondering what you would wear. 

List of What to Wear in New Orleans in the Spring


This is quite the obvious choice. You would need to travel with some pairs of shorts to New Orleans during the spring. 

You can purchase the Mid Length Rumi Shorts, which can be bought for $138. 

You can get the Baum Und Pferdgarten Norah Shorts for $159

Simple hands-free bag

Your hands need to be freed up so you can enjoy snapping lots of Instagram photos of the French Quarter while you hold your effortless bag. 

Free up your hands to take Instagrams of the French Quarter and hold your to-go cup.

You can get the Maryam Nassir Zadeh Onyx Pouch for $275.

You could make use of a cute Umbrella.

There could be thunderstorms that magically appear. You don’t want that to stress you as you’re trying to have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest, would you? This is the essence of this umbrella. To keep you prepared for anything. So when the rains and storms come, you can quickly bring your umbrella from your pouch or bag and face the storms head-on. 

So there we have it. You have a list of things to wear for when you visit New Orleans in spring.