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What to Do On Sunday Nights in New Orleans

Wherever you are in New Orleans on whatever day, you can confess that the city is vibrant with life and there are so many things that one can do there. This is a city that is filled with culture and life, which is part of what makes this city exceptional. You are spoilt daily with choices of what to do, be it from the food to dance, music to drinks, there are so many things that you can do in New Orleans on a Sunday. Sundays are usually work-free days and you have time to explore and soak in the magnificent city of New Orleans.

Things to Do on Sundays in New Orleans

The list is endless, but here are the things that we would suggest you do in New Orleans on a Sunday.

Drink, Eat, and Have Fun

Jazz is a staple in New Orleans, and Sundays are the best days to soak in all the jazz you want while you have brunch, drink, and have a good time. You can catch a live band playing jazz while you enjoy your drinks, enjoy seafood or egg dishes, and have fun.

This is a magnificent New Orleans experience. There are a few places that you can enjoy jazz brunches if you are in New Orleans on a Sunday, especially in the morning. There is the Grill Room located in the Windsor Court Hotel, Commander’s Palace that is located in the Garden District. This place has been working since 1880. There’s also Buffa’s Bar and Restaurant that is located at Marigny.

If you get the time to visit one of the gospel brunch locations, there is one at the House of Blues. You will get soul-filling music and food. There is almost no better way to start your Sunday. Brunch is one of the favorite meals in New Orleans ,so there are several brunch spots all over. You can try one every Sunday; the list is endless and you will not get tired of it.

If you are a fan of Southeast Asian food, then you should try one of the pop-up restaurants at night. You could have dinner there, as the taste is sure to impress you.

More to See and Do

There are a lot of places to go to for the sights and do different things in New Orleans. One of these places is the popular French Quarter (known for Bourbon Street’s live music) where the French Market Fare is staged. From 2 p.m. onward, the collaboration of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum with the Corporation of the French Market presents entertainment events like cooking competitions and live art performances. You can also stroll through the Market to see crafts by artists, purchase crafts from different vendors, and taste varieties of meals. These events are free on Sundays, and they are sure to give you an interesting day.