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What to Do in New Orleans Today for Free

Welcome to New Orleans. Home of love and wonder. There are several little things you can do in New Orleans for free, you know. You don’t need to always pay for everything that you want to do. You can relax and enjoy yourself. This article would be talking about several things you can do in New Orleans today for free. So enjoy, sit back, let’s catch a cruise. 

List of What to Do in New Orleans Today for Free 

You can eat in New Orleans for free.

You can drink in New Orleans for free.

You can stay in New Orleans for free.

You can plan your life and ways to move forward in New Orleans for free. 

You don’t need to be rich or to have a lot of money to enter the real New Orleans. This is a place that has a very high culture. The neighborhoods are immensely proud. The music available is vibrant. They have an epic history that’s like no other you’ve seen. Here you’ll enjoy ways in which you can have so much New Orleans fun without spending your funds. 

You could go around the Park at Riverfront. 

You can gently and quickly enjoy from the canal street to the moonwalk around the French quarter. You could do so by strolling down the riverfront and watching various ships of several kinds go through the lovely Mississippi River. Through this riverfront, there are Crescent parks, which grant you fantastic stellar views of the city. These have all been accessed just past the Elysian French Market. You could go through this path using the Bywater.

You could go window shopping. 

You could go wandering through the Chartres and Royal streets where you can enjoy oddities and antiques. Wonder magazine street is popularly known as that which has cozy eateries and eclectic shops. 

You could visit the lower ninth ward living museum. 

Here you could explore the New Orleans history ninth ward, which is during, pre and post-Hurricane Katrina. To get in, you don’t need to pay a damn. 

You could join in a second parade line. 

The second line is genuinely essential to the culture of New Orleans. There’s a homegrown celebration, and it has dancing and music. This honestly happens on Sundays in several neighborhoods all across the city. 

Have you tried attending a Mardi Gras Parade before?

At these Mardi Gras Parade, you get to catch beads and several other shows during the season of carnivals at dozens of Mardi Gras parades across town.

You could visit the St. Claude Arts District.

You should enjoy this visit properly cause it’s a Second Saturday Art Walk. This is quite exciting and an excellent way for your evening to begin in the Marigny and funky by New Orleans water areas.

So get yourself up, you’ve got no money, and you’re in New Orleans, there are several lovely things to do. Make sure you have loads of fun.