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What to Do at the New Orleans Zoo

two giraffe and three zebra on green grass field under trees at daytime

Have you gotten an all-in-one trip to visit the New Orleans Zoo? If you have, then this article is written, directed, and created for you. So come on, let me tell you all you can do when you get to the new Orleans Zoo. 

List of things you can do when you get to the New Orleans Zoo 

When you get to the Zoo in New Orleans, you need to ensure that you have something like Face Masks and complete proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This includes a PCR test which needs to show as proof that you are free of COVID-19 ultimately. 

Then when you get to the zoo, make sure you have as much fun as you desire. 

What are the hours I can peacefully visit the zoo? 

The Zoo hours of the New Orleans Zoo includes the following;

On Wednesdays to Fridays, you can go from ten Am to four pm. From Saturdays to Sundays you can go ten am to five pm. 

Where is the New Orleans Zoo? 

The New Orleans Zoo can be found at 6500 New Orleans, Magazine Street, LA 70118. It is around an uptown history New Orleans Audubon. This fantastic zoo takes excellent care of various animals from different parts of the world. It also engages in programs that would educate people around. There are various hands-on encounters with animals. There are also unique habitats that are available naturally. These habitats include the award-winning Jaguar Jungle and Louisiana Swamp. This showcases the beautiful relationship between nature and people. Do not miss out on the daily presentations of animals that are in the zoo. Some showcases show the public things like the feeds and chats too. Animals like alligators, tigers, orangutans, armor leopards are also available. Audubon Zoo is one of the nation’s high-ranking zoos. It is also voted as one of the zoos, which is part of the highest ten in the country. 

Other things you could do in the New Orleans Zoo

The prices you could pay for carousel rides are around two dollars. Suppose you are not a member, that is. If you are a member, then you need to pay a dollar or so. Some guests are under the height of forty-two inches that would need to get an admission ticket. Their associated guardian/parent fee are all free. Carousel tickets are simply available through their website. There are also on-site tickets purchased from membership, carousel ticketing booths, general admission, or front gate General admission. 

My thoughts on what you should do at the New Orleans Zoo 

When it is time for you to go to the New Orleans Zoo, you need to get ready to have a mad amount of fun. When I say mad amounts, I am not joking here. Know that you are going to see some pretty wild animals. Make sure you are safe in the zoo, too, though. Don’t go trying to touch them.  That could be very bad for you though.