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What Makes New Orleans So Special?

So many things make New Orleans special. Its distinct music, the special language, Mardi Gras and other cultural events, history, and more. There are a lot of things that make New Orleans grand and awesome. A few of them are in this article.

What Makes New Orleans Special?

Starting from its history, the French Quarter is popularly known for its Spanish and French Creole design and vibrant light at night around Bourbon Street. The area has been described as one of the most unique all around the United States. This is owed largely to its multilingual and cross-cultural heritage.

New Orleans was founded in 1718 by colonists from France. New Orleans used to be the capital of French Louisiana before it was sold to the U.S. from the Louisiana Purchase in the year 1803. In 1840, New Orleans was the third most populous city in the U.S. It was the biggest city in the South of America from the Antebellum era till after WWII. The city has suffered flooding as a result of factors like so much rainfall, an elevation that was low lying, natural drainage that was poorly made, and a location too close to massive amounts of water.

The federal authorities have put in a complex system of drainage pumps and levees, which is used in protecting the city.

Stats About the City

As of 2017, the Orleans Parish was the third parish that had the highest population of people to East Baton Rouge Parish and Jefferson Parish the city, and the parishes are bounded by Lake Pontchartrain a St. Tammany Parish.

The New Orleans metropolitan area had a population of 1,275,762 in 2017. It has the highest metropolitan area in Louisiana and about the 46th most populous around the entire U.S.

New Orleans operates using one of the busiest and largest ports. It is the center of the maritime industry. The region accounts for a high portion of the country’s oil petrochemical and refining production. It also serves as a white-collar corporate base for offshore and onshore natural gas and petroleum production.

Looking for a unique center for learning in a tertiary institution, here more than 50,000 students are enrolled in these regions 11 two and 4-year degree-granting universities.

One of the universities in New Orleans, Tulane, which is a top 50 University meant for research, is located in Uptown. Metropolitan New Orleans is a regional hub majorly for the healthcare industry and it boasts a globally competitive but small manufacturing sector. The center of the city has been an entrepreneurial rapidly growing creative industry.

New Orleans also has a company known as Greater New Orleans, Inc, or GNO, Inc. It acts as the first point where economic regional development is usually done through Louisiana’s Department for Economic Development and the various development agencies meant for businesses.

With all of these, you can see reasons why New Orleans is very special, and it is a lovely place to live.