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What is Purifier Cleanliness?

What are purifiers you ask? Simply put, an air purifier is a device that eliminates contaminants from the air in a room or an enclosed space to increase the quality and purity of the air. 

What is a purifier used for or what are the benefits of having an air purifier? The truth is, it can be very beneficial to have them in the home and our places of business. And it can also be very beneficial for the environment and has a lot of benefits health-wise.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

  • Extracting airborne asbestos particles.
  • Removing triggers for asthma.
  • Eliminating dust pet odors and other allergens.
  • Cleansing the air of tobacco and cigarette smoke.

So what is purifier cleanliness?  It is the regular cleaning or maintenance of your air purifier. As it cleans the air, it also accumulates dust and particles which will collect as dirt in the purifier.

Why should you clean your purifier?

There are different brands of air purifiers, and these different brands use different filters but the most efficient ones are those that use HEPA filters. 

What are HEPA filters? A HEPA filter is a filter system that is well known for trapping tiny particles in the air purifier. As the HEPA filter captures these particles, it stores them up, so if the filter is not properly maintained it may get clogged and filled with dirt and may even end up polluting the air it was made to clean. 

The purifier works by passing through a pre-filter to remove larger particles that can be seen with the naked eye like lint and dust, then it passes the air through an ion generator that traps particles with a static charge. After that, the air passes through a carbon filter, which is designed to remove strong odors from the air. Lastly, the air passes through the HEPA filter, which removes tiny particles.

How to Clean a Purifier

Start by unplugging the air purifier and then you can proceed to clean the body of the purifier with a moist cloth. After that, open the grill of the air purifier; behind it, you will see the pre-filter which can be washed with warm water and dried. 

Do not wash the HEPA or carbon filter; instead, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the HEPA filter and do not let moisture come in contact with the HEPA filter and the main housing of the air purifier. 

You can also clean the filter’s air outlet with a soft dust brush. Remember to continually maintain the air purifier to prevent the HEPA filter from getting clogged, but if clogged change it immediately. 

Some people also use a diffuser with essential oils to disinfect the air in a room. When shopping for oils, we recommend Wyndmere Essential OilsHousehold Purifier Synergistic Blend. Just be careful not to use these types of oils or household cleaners around any pets.