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What Do Mardi Gras Krewes Do?

First, you would need to understand what a krewe means. A krewe is any group or gathering of revealers that band up together to organize a Mardi grass ball or to participate in a Mardi gras parade float and also they like to participate in a social event happening over the year. Over at Southwest Louisiana, there are well over 50 krewes, and their numbers keep growing as the season continues. Now here is the thing, each krewe form under another larger organization called “The Krewe of Krewes”, this organization was founded in the year 1979. This happened because the krewe decided to organize a parade for the community to enjoy. So now the joining of the Southwest Louisiana Mardi gras festivals first started in 1980.

The Krewes are formed for different reasons, so as an individual you can get acceptance as a krewe in so many different ways. Southwest Louisiana finds a way for all families to participate in the festival.

How did the magic begin?

The Krewes was created in the year 1951 by the couple Mr. and Mrs. Clifton woods and Etie Lopez. It was created to give entertainment and joy to the public around them as well as their members. The group was originally supported by the “ Fifty’s Club” and its members were all fourth-degree members of the Knight of Columbus. Currently today there are more than 220 members of the Krewe organization and there is a waiting list for those who want to join. However, to be considered for membership you need to be a resident of the west fork by the Calcasieu River, and also you need to be referred by someone who is currently in the group.

Krewe contraband

The Krewe of contraband started in the year 1963 Russell Tritico’s Oak park celebration. It all started when a local businessman said he wanted to start his Krewe and a check was handed to him by Ernest C. “Chuck” Schindler and stated that he was the first member. Not quite long, Navarra sent the local businessman 150 letters asking him if they could join his krewe. The sole purpose of the Krewe of Contraband is to give honor to the women, daughters, and granddaughters of its members.

Krewe of Omega

The Krewe of Omega was created by Mr. Joseph Moffett Jr. And the sole purpose of this Krewe is to promote social activities for both the young and old.  This gathering also gives awards to those who participate in improving the community. The Krewe of Omega was also created to bring awareness of the Mardi gras activities to the Black communities. Now, it’s the only Krewe in the whole of Southwest Louisiana to hosts its parade. There are 46 members currently in the Krewe of Omega and membership is meant for interested individuals only.

Activities held by the Krewe of Omega throughout the year include a June picnic meant for only members and a Christmas ball that provides toy cars driven by local children.