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What Disaster Preparedness Means to New Orleans Residents 16 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina, my goodness. This is a period the people of New Orleans would never seem to forget. I mean, how do you want to forget a disaster this horrible. People that witnessed the effects of hurricane Katrina would continue to tell their kids. And these kids would still tell their kids. Like, if not for the passing of this vital historic information, how would we have known about the effects of hurricane Katrina. Let’s talk about what Disaster Preparedness Means to New Orleans Residents 16 Years After Hurricane Katrina. 

Why People in New Orleans have to say about Hurricane Katrina 

The entire town of New Orleans has memories of what the flood has done to this place we call home. Theresa part of the concrete levee which has given way during an August morning in the year 2005. This sent a lot of water which came crashing into town, destroying all in its path. This monument could do nothing but to remind us of what we suffered then. 

As a means to be prepared for the coming of something like this in the future, we have decided to rebuild and to remain resilient. We have a lot of hope after that natural disaster known as Hurricane Katrina. There are a lot of us who left home and we never came back. After about twelve years of hurricane Katrina, there are some little houses made with bricks which have slowly but surely interspersed using some empty lots. Some people have created new lives and those lives are now out of home and out of sight. We hope and pray this is as sad as it gets. 

How Prepared are the Survivors of Hurricane Katrina? 

These survivors, we don’t fully know where they ended up, but for those that remained in New Orleans, they have decided to be as resilient as physically possible. To go back to how their lives were before Hurricane Katrina came and tried to wash out their very souls apart. Families and households have done their best to remain as strong as ever. Do you know how strong people have to be to remain this resilient? The people of New Orleans are strong, they are willed and they have decided to fight for their homes against enemies they can’t seem to control. We as people do not have control over nature or natural disasters. The best we can do is to build protection, guards, ways to protect ourselves, our property, our children from all the horrors to come. 

Ways the people of New Orleans are being Resilient 

Some scientists have examined several and different ways for people to manage and cope with disasters from nature, to come with climate change, being displaced, manage war and suffering. These ways are essential for the people of New Orleans. They have tried on their own, a little help would be welcomed with open hearts and minds.