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holes on brown wooden surface

Traveling to New Orleans is an amazing and exciting thing to do. There are so many experiences you will derive when you visit this city. It is a very beautiful place, but you need to be cautious when you visit New Orleans. Three killing bugs have been found in this city. It is the most roach Infected city.

New Orleans was named the city that has the most cockroach-infected city in the U.S.A. they are everywhere. Bugs have made New Orleans their home because like humans we love the beauty of this city, so likewise the bugs, but most especially because of how long the buildings have been built. This made such buildings have crevices and cracks, making ways for bugs to creep in. So we are going to see the three killing bugs in New Orleans. 

Palmetto bugs are called American cockroaches. They are large brown bugs that crawl around the sidewalks of New Orleans. Leaf litter and live oaks bark are where this bug-like to rest on but when the leaf gets cold outside, they are likely to be drawn inside a house.

You need to take proper care of your amenities at home because if a pipe is leaking or moisture is coming out from a piece of equipment in the home, this can Draw bugs to your home. Once they get inside they are In search of moisture and food. These bugs can be very dangerous to people who suffer from asthma. They are highly sensitive to cockroach saliva, dropping, and skin.

What to do:

Food should be removed and cleaning of all moisture surfaces should be done.

  • Use of insecticidal baits to kill it. They are different types of insecticide, just make sure you have the original one. It kills these bugs, faster than you could tell.

Dry wood termites and Formosan termites are another set of extremely dangerous bugs. From the name “dry wood”, you will know what this category of termite eats, which is dry woods. But they are had to find at homes, and they are also weak than the Formosan termite.

Formosan termites are more dangerous than dry wood termites. You can find this termite in your rooms, no matter how tall your buildings are they will come over, instead of them being underground. They are invasive, destructive, and cause a lot of problems. It was stated that in New Orleans, over $300 million worth of destroyed things is caused by this termite. 50% of the trees in New Orleans are infected with Formosan termites. All this shows how bad this termite can be, so you need to be careful when you visit New Orleans.


New Orleans is a beautiful city to visit, but bugs have made this place their home and have caused a lot of destruction to this city. So anyone going to New Orleans should be prepared for what you will possibly meet ahead.