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Top Restaurants for New Orleans Ribs

Few foods can be said to be tastier than a platter of sweet sticky ribs that have been cooked to perfection. It can be said that almost nothing can compare to the joy one gets as you grab and dig into the meat, eventually making a mess of yourself even after all the effort you put into trying to keep yourself clean but also having no regrets and would even do it all again more than a thousand times. If you are in New Orleans and are looking for a place to get delicious New Orleans ribs, then here are five places you should check out.

5 New Orleans Ribs’ Joints

The Joint                               

The Joint is contending as one of the top places to get the best New Orleans ribs and other different foods, as well as great service. It is one of the places you should check when looking for the best BBQ ribs in New Orleans.

BB King’s Blues Club

Put on your dancing shoes and head down to BB King’s Blues Club. They not only make some of the best New Orlean ribs but are also a fantastic live music club in the French Quarter. Listen to the best blues, soul, and rock-n-roll while you enjoy their signature drinks and food.

Blue Oak BBQ

Blue Oak BBQ is one of New Orleans’s best BBQ serving restaurants since 2012. They have an inside bar as well as an outdoor setting good for enjoying your blazed ribs or whatever you are eating. They are well known for their meat, so you can be sure you won’t be disappointed whenever you stop by.

Cane & Table

Cane & Table is a restaurant with not just great ribs and food, but also one of the most diverse cocktail menus. They have an outdoor setting great for relaxing and also to enjoy your food and cocktails. It’s great for large groups or even just a nice date, which makes it another great place to check out in New Orleans.

Coop’s Place

It has been around since 1982 and has delighted visitors with its great food and atmosphere. A good place for late-night eating with the setting of a neighborhood pub and the best lamb ribs you will ever have the opportunity of tasting. They also have other great food and drinks, as well as free Wi-Fi for its customers – so you can bring your devices along with your appetite.

Stop by these restaurants when you are in the mood for New Orleans ribs