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Top Cajun Restaurants in New Orleans

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Cajun meals aren’t that native to people who live in New Orleans. It is usually confused with Creole. These two Louisiana cuisines both have one ancestor, but they have differences too. Let’s dive in and discover the top Cajun restaurants in New Orleans.

Great Cajun Restaurants in New Orleans

The Cheezy Cajun

It is a restaurant by the water which has lots of Cajun meats. It also has a little meat market where they sell cracklins and boudin. The burger sold here has a sizable patty that comes with cheese from Texas toast. These cracklins come in different pounds like a whole pound and a half pound and different appetizer options.  

Chef Donald Link Cohon has a sister restaurant in the warehouse district. Cochon has great dining and modern Cajun cuisine. Around the corner, you can find casual butcher Cochon. 

Cochon Butcher

This restaurant is operated by home celeb chef Donald Link Cochon and his younger sibling Conchon Butcher. You can also reflect on the Cajun meal traditions here. Cochon has a dining room that is woody and warm. The food here is prepared using great fresh ingredients.  


This is focused on what people call reinterpreted coastal cuisine. This menu has mushroom boudin balls, which are a twist from the normal pork boudin and pate andouille. The shrimp bowl of rice is usually topped with fried eggs. Do you recall Korean bibimbap that has Cajun roots? This restaurant has decorative fish that looked like a bride, and faux Spanish moss accents that conjure the bayou.  


Meals from this restaurant come from several seas and lands. The Bayou LA Fourche has an appetizer, which features locally fried alligator using Texas toast. It also has duck wings that are cooked to a crispy form, and it’ll be glazed using very hot sugar cane sauce. For the remaining, you could try the pork chop using this dirty rice for the seafood platter using stuffed gulf fish and Louisiana oysters and also New Orleans style barbecue shrimp.

Jacques Imo’s

There are very long lines to eat here, but after you get in the door, your senses will tell you that you’re very close to fabulous Cajun food. There are colorful crowds which have nice artworks throughout the dining rooms, and you can know what you’ll like to eat from the menu. You can try the rabbit panéed served over tasso and shrimp pasta. You could also get a simple taste of other Cajun cuisine. Try the balls of fried boudin. They’re magnificent!Editor’s note: Since writing this article, the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily or permanently closed several of these restaurants. Check the websites and call each restaurant to be sure it is open before trying to venture out for a meal.