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The Real Story Behind the Netflix Docuseries ‘The Pharmacist’ from New Orleans

Did you know that Netflix has a new Docuseries? It is titled The Pharmacist. Who knew. This is like news to me.

The Pharmacist talks about the real-life story of Dan Schneider. It talks about his profound journey to stop drug abuse in the United States. 

The story starts with Schneider, who’s a pharmacist that lives in New Orleans, Louisiana. He settled down to find the person who killed his precious son. All through the story, there were several twists. 

He later confronted a horrible drug abuse issue from his community. 

If you watched Netflix’s Don’t Fuck with Casta and you saw yourself looking for another disturbing and intense docuseries, you’ll be glad to know that the streaming service proudly premiers a lot of binge-worthy documentaries in 2021. 

The Pharmacist is the latest one. It talks about Schneider, that got into a severe battle and fought against the opioid epidemic in the US. 

The story started when in the late nineties as his son was killed while he wanted to secure some drugs. The police embarked on a complicated and lengthy investigation. Then Schneider started noticing the high amounts of opioids that were abused in the town. He went out to take all the bad guys down.  

It was the murder of his child that brought on all this madness. 

The Pharmacist at the beginning of this story recounted how his son died. His son was so young—around twenty-two years. Danny Jr was shot as he tried to get some drugs in New Orleans. In the first episode of the docuseries, you see The Pharmacist take the murder of his son into his hands. He was so unhappy with the slow speed of the police investigation. Dan recounted all his investigation and how he went through private records be made without telling the police about it. 

He with his wife and daughter were all grieving their loved one simultaneously; Dan went door to door looking for lots of information on who killed his son. He faced potential violence from the entire community as he went deeper and deeper. After he offered a ten thousand dollar reward to anyone that brought information on his son’s killer. Later, the police brought on Jeffery Hall. This was a fifteen-year-old boy that stated he saw the murder.

My thoughts about The Real Story behind the Netflix Docuseries ‘The Pharmacist’ from New Orleans

It is sad losing a parent, but nothing beats a parent losing their child. And it is not like the child died out of maybe an illness or an accident. But in this case, the poor boy was shot. So it was intentional. I mean, why would someone want to shoot and kill your innocent child. That’s just wrong and unfair on so many angles. I want to watch this docuseries. It looks like something inner me would enjoy.