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The Latest on the New Orleans Cyber Attack and Cyber Security Tips for Working Remotely

A few months back, we heard the news of how the city of New Orleans underwent a cyber attack. Ever since then, people are trying to take precautionary measures to prevent future attacks.

Cyber attack is a common thing with computers but it can be easily avoided. The only regrettable thing is that not so many people know how they can protect their computer from hitting a cyber attack, but we’re here to give you tips on how you can prevent and protect your computer from going through a cyber attack. Read them below:

6 Tips to Prevent Another New Orleans Cyber Attack

1. Protect Your Passwords

Usually, when you launch your computer for the first time, the next thing that’s always needed for you to do is to jealously guard your password. Your password remains one of the easiest means of hacking and attacking your computer, and you wouldn’t want this. You can achieve this by installing a password manager. It helps you to protect your pins and codes; you can also generate codes and retrieve them when it’s lost. It’s a self-directory, and with all the necessary measures put in place, cyber attacks won’t have a means of getting to your computer or mobile phone.

2. Be Careful of Downloading Apps from Unknown Sources

One mistake people keep making is neglecting the security options and keep getting themselves involved with unknown apps. If your computer or mobile phone isn’t conversant with a particular source, please ignore all download operations, or else you may get yourself into the risk of getting hacked. The same thing applies to links you are not sure of; do not go ahead to click strange links, it could be a trap.

3. Use a VPN

Using your mobile VPN is of great essentiality. This is because constant usage of your virtual private network allows your data to get hidden and when your data is hidden. It’s very impossible for your mobiles to get attacked. Always remember to turn on this feature, it always turns out helpful.

4. Guard Your Gadgets

You could be using a phone or a laptop, but do not allow an untrusted person to lay hands on them. Leaving your gadgets out of your sight gives you out as a careless person and can be a perfect opportunity for cyber attackers to leech on you.

5. Configure Stronger Security

This shouldn’t be overlooked. Find ways to implement and enhance the security setting of your devices. Stronger security means a lesser risk. Make sure that your data is protected.

6. Guard Personal Information

Too many things can be considered as hints to your personal information. It could be your email address, your date of birth, or your passwords; all can serve as a sure means of attack so you should be careful not to let them out carelessly.

Bonus tip: Be sure to keep your applications and software up-to-date, because old and outdated ones are oftentimes less protected, so be careful.

How do you feel about the New Orleans cyber attack? Follow the tips above judiciously and you’d have nothing to worry about finally. The New Orleans cyber attack is a good example to learn from. Good luck!