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Support for Sober Living in New Orleans

When we talk about sober living homes or houses, we are simply referring to a place where people who are trying to quit their habits go to stay for some time and get help. It’s typically for people who have seen and embraced the need to permanently stay away from drugs and alcohol.

In New Orleans, we have some support for sober living, and they’ve been really helpful. Most individuals who reside here are asked to undergo drug tests to ascertain their level of addiction. Medical attention and personalized care are also given to them.

In this article, we will be looking at different support homes for sober living in New Orleans. Check them out below.

1.  Hope House Inc.

Just as the name sounds, I hope the house is one of the New Orleans based sober living homes that cater to the sober lives and raise their hopes again through the gospel of Jesus Christ. They intend to depict the same kind of love Jesus showed during his lifetime by building a community of like-minded Christians through the Hope Inc. sober home.

2.  The Bridge House

The Bridge House tends to care for men and women who are highly taken over by alcohol and drugs. The sober lives are catered for equally by the management and attendants of the sober home, this is to ensure that they indeed abstain and start a life that is filled with positivity. In the Bridge House, people are allowed to live as long as they want in the residents even when he or she doesn’t have enough money to foot the bills.

3. Armstrong Family Services

There are certain individuals who in spite of their addiction to drugs, still do not have a home to sleep in. This is where the Armstrong Family Services come in. They are aimed at helping people who are sober in New Orleans to get empowered, get love, go through a personal help or development process, and also develop economically.

4. Oxford House Uptown

Oxford House uptown is a sober house that is run by a personal company. Just like every other sober house mentioned in this article, Oxford House uptown helps individuals who are trying to abstain from drugs and alcohol addiction to get their recovery quickly. The only difference is that Sober Lives get to pay for each of their expenses. It’s a very big sober house, and a lot of people patronize this spot in New Orleans.

5. Oxford House Palmer Park

The Oxford House Palmer Park is also a sober house owned and supported by a single individual. It is a gender-specific sober home that houses men only. They help men recover from every form of drug and alcohol addiction.

The above listed sober homes are especially found in New Orleans. They are solely passionate about helping people recover and a lot of people are using their bits of help. Sober homes in New Orleans are improving daily and I hope they keep it on.