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Smooth Jazz New Orleans Musicians

The love of music they say runs deep into the soul. Smooth jazz, with its soulful style and rhythm, is favored by many. If you are in New Orleans and are looking for smooth jazz musicians this article is for you.

Smooth Jazz Musicians in New Orleans

There are several musicians of smooth jazz in New Orleans, here is a list of some of them.

Kurt Brunus

This is a unique smooth jazz group that can offer virtual services. This group is a family group, they have been performing together since as early as 1985, they have performed all around the world at festivals, weddings, concerts, balls, conventions, casinos, cruises, country clubs, bars, Mardi Gras and dances. The list of places they have performed is endless.

They are proficient at performing various music styles, their arrangement is superb and their vocals so harmonious, their range of music is broad, they can perform sophisticated music, low key or even high energy. They started their musical journey with old school, smooth jazz, traditional jazz then flowed into R&B, reggae, dance, and disco. They can perform even hip hop and rap. Their jazz range is very broad and they play instruments of all kinds. They have performed in countries like Brazil, Germany, England, France, Switzerland, and so on.

Among the instruments that this band plays are piano, keyboards, horn, trumpet, sax, and their vocals are exceptional. The band’s singer is very gifted; she sings jazz, gospel, R&B, and pop. They have a bass player, drummer, and all the necessary players for their range of performances. They have many recorded works, which include their smooth jazz CD like “In My Mind.” They are highly gifted and have the marching experience to make them one of the best smooth jazz musicians in New Orleans.

On the Levee Jazz Band

This is a band that plays smooth jazz in New Orleans. This band is made up of three artists who play with that flavor that is peculiar to New Orleans, piano, and guitar adds to the beautiful flow of their music. They don’t need an orchestra; their bass and vocals fill up the room.

They specialize in a variety of song types, from blues to smooth jazz, and they can flow at any kind of music festival. This band can be tailored to suit the type of event they are needed for.

Nola Dukes Band

This is a smooth jazz band located in New Orleans; they can be booked for events. They are experts at live music, traditional jazz, and smooth jazz. They can be invited to events, parties, weddings, and festivals, as their energy is second to none. They can get you on the dance floor showing your dance moves to their rich music. They are professionals and very talented; they go on tours and record. They have performed with several artists and bands, including the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.