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Recipe for Seafood Gumbo, New Orleans Style

New Orleans Seafood Gumbo

A typical inquiry individuals pose is “What’s the distinction between etouffee, jambalaya, and gumbo?”

Exemplary Cajun etouffee is made with a more slender tomato base and, similar to gumbo, is served over rice. Simple Jambalaya, then again, is like etouffee in that it’s made with a tomato base, yet rice is consolidated in the dish itself, so it’s more similar to a rice pilaf.

What Ingredients You Need

Here are all of the fixings you require to make the best credible New Orleans Seafood style formula:

Universally handy flour

Vegetable oil



White vinegar

Long grain rice

Andouille wiener


Green ringer pepper



Habanero or serrano pepper

Fish stock

Worcestershire sauce

Dried thyme

Cajun preparing

Straight leaf



Crude shrimp

Shucked clams

Parsley or scallions

fish roux

Step by step process to Make the original Seafood Style

Lets spread out the entirety of the means to making the best formula for the dish. While the cycle may appear to be perplexing, each progression is quite simple, though a piece tedious.

In any case, that is the best way to build up that pine for capable real Cajun flavour!

To start with, make the Roux: Set an enormous 7-8 quart sauce pot over medium-high warmth.

Add the flour, oil, and spread, and whisk well to separate any bunches.

Cook the roux for around 30 minutes, whisking routinely, until it is the shade of milk chocolate.

Prep extra fixings: While making the roux , feel free to cleave the hotdogs, the entirety of the vegetables, and the new spices.

De-Slime the Okra: I can’t pressure enough that it is so imperative to de-ooze your new okra prior to remembering it for gumbo!

Here is the key to impeccably preparing okra: Set a more modest sauce pot loaded up with water and over high warmth, and add the vinegar.

When bubbling, add the cleaved okra. Bubble for only a couple minutes to decrease the ooze. At that point channel and put in a safe spot.

Fabricate the Base: Once the roux is a dull rich earthy coloured, add in the cleaved andouille wieners.

Fry the hotdog in the roux for 1-2 minutes, at that point include the hacked onion, chime pepper, celery, garlic, and habanero. Mix and sauté for a few minutes.

Slow Simmer: Next, include the fish stock, Worcestershire sauce, thyme, Cajun preparing, inlet leaf, and mix well. At that point blend in the crayfish and entire crabs. Stew on low for 60 minutes.

Cook the Rice: In request to make less dishes to wash, utilize a similar more modest pot you utilized for the okra to cook the rice, as indicated by the bundle directions. When cooked, lighten the rice, and cover until prepared to utilize. I normally kick my rice off not long before the stewing cycle closes, just before the gumbo is resting per the progression beneath.

Finish: Once completely stewed, add the shrimp, shellfish (in addition to crabmeat if utilizing), and the de-smeared okra. Stew for an additional couple of moments until the fish is simply cooked.