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Reasons to Check Out Fringe Fest New Orleans

Every November of the year, a famous arts and cultural festival takes place in New Orleans. This fest is called Fringe Fest New Orleans. Whenever it is time for the Fringe Festival, a marvelous variety of weird, original, wild theatrical performances is being assembled and stirred into fun-filled gumbo and a bag of cultural goodness. For a complete 5 days, the artists and audiences are immersed in performances in a whole lot myriad of magical forms.

What is Fringe Fest New Orleans?

What Fringe focuses on are the assembled 70 international, national, and local presenters that will handle more than 300 shows in more than 35 different venues to offer audiences with the best experiences ever. One thing that Fringe also facilitates is the BYOV, which means, Bring Your Own Venues. This enables the artists to arrange their production and spaces, in order for them to be flexible while sculpting their participation in the fest.

With all that we have said, the thousands of witnesses and audiences that are present during the iconic New Orleans Fringe Festival will experience one of the best delights of live unlimited intimate performances. They will also enjoy all the activities that will be done for people of all ages. This event is open for anybody to join and is free.

There are still many other festivals that take place in New Orleans. Now, let us talk about them and you will see that you have no reason to miss these festivals.

Other Festivals in New Orleans

Faux/Real Fest

The Faux/Real Fest displays artists that are filled with creativity from many different mediums, most especially, performance, literature, and theatre art. There are many different events that are taking place in many venues all around New Orleans every November. Other activities that will take place too are cocktail and dish competitions as well as some other kind of events related to food.

Film Festival New Orleans

The Film Festival in New Orleans has used its usual heavy music, local foods, and some other celebrations together with the creations of filmmakers to enhance and modify the New Orleans film festival. Some exciting filmmakers in the city usually come around to showcase their works during this great festival, most especially, the insight into lifestyles and local culture that their films offer.

Looking at the wonderful events and activities that take place during the Fringe Fest New Orleans, you can see that there are so many reasons why you should check out this iconic festival (and others) in the city. Now, you can make your year complete by being a part of the festivities. Take your family along with you and experience great pleasure in the magic of Fringe.