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Pet-Friendly Spots in New Orleans

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, so it will be Ill-advised to leave your pets behind whenever you come visiting in New Orleans. If you have ever traveled with your pets by your side, you would realize how difficult it can be to plan events and outings that would also include your pets. Luckily for you, New Orleans is considered to be a very dog-friendly state, a lot of bars and stores are always happy to welcome pets in, some hotels also allow them, just make sure to find out about it first, you can add a pet deposit.

In this article, you would know the best pet-friendly stores in New Orleans.

Café Amelie

The café Amelie is situated in the famous French Quarter courtyard. The café is great for its indoor and outdoor dining. Their patio is a great choice when you are bringing your furry friend, so while making plans for a date or a dinner at the café, you can drop them off and pick them when you are done. You can order foods like hotdogs or alligator sauce.

Croissant D’or Patisserie

Also located in the French Quarter, this bakery is famous for serving pastries, sandwiches, and a delicious hot breakfast. The owners of the Patisserie always welcome pets into their courtyard, so when you visit them don’t forget to order your egg, croissants, and also have your pet taken care of.


Dining with your pet is very possible at the Herbsaint with a sidewalk and a balcony overhang that protects their customers from rain. When making any reservations, always order for an outdoor scene, and don’t forget to let them know that you would be accompanied by your pet. The Herbsaint is famous for its Cajun and their Creole inNew Orleans.


This is a very nice neighborhood bar, located at the back corner of the French Quarter there is a pet-friendly bar. Many who live by the area are dog owners, so there a lot of pups in and out of the bar. Aside from drinks, the bar also serves burgers, pizzas, etc.

12 Mile limit

This lovely place is a combination of both a dive bar and cocktail delight. It is a combination of bar and restaurant l. Pets are also allowed here both on the inside and the outside. Also, every Monday’s the 12-mile limit serves free food.

The bulldog

The bulldog is great for those that love beers and also would love to keep their pets. Although pets aren’t allowed on the inside they are welcomed outside. In addition to their tremendous beer that they serve, they also serve a delicious burger and some other food.

Parleaux beer lab

During nice weather, you can carry your pets and head to the Parleaux beer lab locates at Bywater. The outdoor scene is perfect for playing with your pet and drink your beer and get your food from any of your favorite food trucks around. So head on to the Parleaux beer lab.