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New Orleans Reopens to a New Normal

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Ever since the covid-19 pandemic, a lot of cities all over the world had to go on lockdown, to keep both themselves and their families safe.

Most importantly, to ensure the progress of the counties and human race in general. New Orleans is no exception. They have had to restrict the movement of all their citizens, just to ensure the safety Of all its citizens. 

All stores closed, no music, no festivals no live concerts, and most especially no large gatherings. This is all New Orleans and it’s citizens had to endure during the covid-19. 

The good news is that after over a year, New Orleans is finally reopening, and it seems as though everything is going beck to normal, though with some slight restrictions here and there. 

What are the signs that show that New Orleans is getting back to normal, and what do you stand to enjoy visiting New Orleans after the pandemic? 


A lot has changed here in New Orleans after the pandemic, but it’s safe to say that those changes aren’t bad at all, New Orleans just got a new normal. But what are those things that brings New Orleans back to normal? 


When you hear music playing on the streets of New Orleans, then you know that things are getting back to normal. 

Live music concerts are happening all over New Orleans, with places like Tipitinas, Howlin wolf, Gasa Gasa, and spotted cat, are now opening their door for limited out of people to sit in and listing to wonderful music.

Though there are still some parts of New Orleans that are restricted, other smaller gatherings are still allowed in those places.


This news got me really excited. This is because aside from live music, festivity is New Orleans second name. New Orleans is known for its reach cultural heritage, and festivities, and so when this was restricted due to the covid-19, it seemed as though New Orleans lost it’s identity.

Well that’s now a thing of the past. New Orleans are now allowed to host festivals but with a specific amount of people present. Festivals like the film festival, JAMNOLAS Jamfest, and the well known New Orleans food festival are now on. 

With the Jazz fest set to start, come this October. All this Though are set to happen under strict guidance of the local authorities. So if you are looking to attend some of this festivals, then you do not need to worry.


The famous street if bourbon, which is known for it’s activities, has finally sparked to life again. People filling the streets, going about their day to day activities as usual.

If you are looking to visit this famous city, I think now is the time because the city being in the mode of celebration. 


New Orleans is a beautiful city, and I am so glad that things are finally getting back to normal. But what ever the case may be, its still wise for us to stay alert and keep our selves safe, not visiting places that are overly crowded. If we follow all the safety measures out there, we will not only be keeping our selves safe, but those around us