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music room with lights turned on

Have you for once visited new Orleans? If you have, you will agree that it is a very lively city, filled with music all around it. The birthplace of Jazz is New Orleans, with famous trumpets and other musical instruments. But recently, there are restrictions at the music venues of New Orleans. This is because of Covid 19, a lot of things have been changed at the music venues. 

You can no longer go freely to the music venues at New Orleans, because of restriction that has been made. To avoid guests from getting infected in this city, before you enter some places, you will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid 19 test. We are going to look into the live music venues that require vaccination. This will help you to know how to plan your next trip to New Orleans and important things you should take along.

Tipitina’s, d.b.a, and Maple Leaf Bar-:  

This is one of the venues that require a finished Covid 19 vaccination card or a negative test that has been done within 72 hours. A valid identification form is also required, but if you don’t have the form at hand but through your phone, then you can show the proof of this form on your smartphone.

It is no new thing to wear a mask, at these venues, they also require a mask, failure to put on a mask, can deny you entry. 

You do not need to feel bad because of this new laws, because it is put in place all for your safety and the safety of others, therefore avoiding the spread off Covid 19. Your cooperation with this new policy is highly valued.

Hi-Ho Lounge by DJ Soul Sisters Friday Nite Fever.

DJ soul sisters cooperated with the Hi-Ho lounge policy because she values the safety of the people. Hi-Ho lounge does not accept entry of anyone unvaccinated. That is why when DJ soul sister announced her dance party event on St. Claude Avenue, at Hi-Ho Lounge, only people that are vaccinated could enter. In cases of Covid decrease and the vaccination rate increases, until then, Hi-Ho lounge before entry requires proof of vaccination.

The Allways Lounge & Cabaret-:

The guest is to show proof of the negative Covid 19 test before this lounge can work with them. Masks proof of vaccination is required at the Marigny theater and event spaces. All these rules are made to avoid the spread of Covid 19, and to look after the safety of the guest, likewise the workers in the lounge. All you need to do is to follow through and you will not have any trouble for yourself and others.


These are part of the music venues that requires vaccination, an ID, nose mask, or any proof that shows a negative Covid 19 test. If you want to enjoy your stay to an extent in New Orleans, you need to take all this along and cooperate with the listed policies of the venues.