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Must-See Places to Shop in New Orleans

From history to culture to music, it’s no surprise how New Orleans is known to be one of the most visited places around the world. This booming city has attracted many tourists around the world due to its diversity, music, architecture, history, food, and shopping.

New Orleans is a place filled with culture and art, thus making the shopping experience unique. New Orleans has an array of boutiques and great malls, but the local shops are what tourists look forward to on Decanter and Royal Street, including chains of antique and vintage shops.

4 Places to Shop in New Orleans

Magazine Street

Magazine Street is a place you want to visit in New Orleans. With various boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and arts lining the area, Magazine Street connects both the locals and tourists together. Its funky boutiques display so many things they have on sale, from vintage shirts to beautiful wedding dresses; everything here is so enticing that even a window shopper won’t resist buying.

There are also coffee shops and restaurants here where you can enjoy delicious meals when you’re done with your shopping extravaganza. If you’re looking for unique handmade gifts, you need to check out Jawaii Nola, unique products and Miette. Bella & Harlow or Hemline are some other must-see shops, as they have an array of stylish dresses.

The French Market

This bustling, open-air shopping center which can hold more than 200 vendors in one day is also among places to shop in New Orleans. The French Market has a lot of history, since it’s practically been existing in the same area for over 200 years. If you stop in the French Market, you get to enjoy popular New Orleans Street music while shopping for clothing, paintings,and even specialty items. Some lovely items you’ll find in this market are graphic print coaters, sarongs, and stylish hats.

Palace Market Frenchmen

This market is another must-see place to shop. It is very exciting and thrilling to shop here, because it doesn’t open during the day, but it opens by 7 p.m. and closes by 1 a.m. depending on how crowded it is. The locals of New Orleans know where to purchase their gifts, clothes, and artwork here.

Royal Street

Royal Street is significantly different from Market Street. Royal Street is located just a block away from most hotels, arts, high-end pieces of jewelry, and souvenirs. The heart of the street is also a really easy walking destination.

New Orleans is no doubt packed with amazing fun things that locals and tourists alike never get tired of. So if you ever end up visiting New Orleans, these are some must-see places to shop.