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How the Coronavirus Has Affected the New Orleans Tourism Industry

Due to the coronavirus, lots of activities in the world have been put to a stop. Of course, that’s no surprise as everyone around the world is trying their hardest to curb the virus as much as possible. And that includes New Orleans. However, this is a great time for the tourism sector of New Orleans, and that affects it a lot more than you think.

So a lot of people want to know what’s still going to hold, or what’s canceled. What’s safe to do and what’s not? They also want to know about local businesses as well as how it can affect the city of New Orleans’s economy. There are so many unanswered questions. But that’s why we are here to answer each and every one of them.

Events That Have Been Canceled

Lots of events have been canceled during this period – from music festivals to the sports. Basically, every event you are looking forward to has been canceled or rescheduled. All forms of public gatherings have been prohibited and banned. Every place such as casinos, malls, bars, and theaters have all been shut down. Universities, libraries, and primary schools have also been shut down. Some restaurants are not allowed to provide dine-in services during this period either.

Rescheduled Events

There’s no need to get all your hope crushed, as there are a few things you can still look forward to. Some events have been postponed until this fall, as there is hope things could be a lot better then. Some of these postponed and rescheduled programs include:

1.     The French Quarter Festival, which has been moved to October 1-4, 2020.

2.     The Buku Festival, which has been moved to March 19-20, 2021.

3.     The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest, which has also been postponed to April 22 to May 2, 2021.

You might be wondering if the city has the power to postpone all of these events, but in a state of emergency, it’s possible. The mayor has the power to postpone, cancel, or consider all events both private and public.

Is It Safe to Travel?

As of now, people have been strongly advised against traveling. All forms of cruise travel in the U.S. has been suspended, as well as trips from and to Europe. Places you can travel to might seem like a great idea, but let’s not forget about the security lines.

Although a lot of people worry that the tourism industry can be affected by this, it is for the greater good. Citizens can stay safe enough to witness the next season. What better thing could there be?

The virus has put the tourism industry to a halt, but on the bright side, it has saved lots of lives. Business revenues may plummet, and lots of workers stand a high chance of losing their jobs. However, let’s all hope to witness some of these exciting events happening again soon and make the virus a thing of the past.

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