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How Residents Can Stay Healthy as Tourists Begin to Travel Back to New Orleans

In a city like New Orleans, where one of the biggest sources of income is from tourism, how would the residents rebound in the months to come after the coronavirus? To fix the situation, local residents have decided to open their doors to economic development and business again, despite the threat of the pandemic.

This can’t be done without trumpeting the success of the city and reducing the disease to the barest minimum. Residents and businesses need to keep taking precautions and coming up with ways to protect their businesses and customers.

The city needs tourism to return and attract new types of industries, like those that create technology. The New Orleans Business Alliance made this known to City Council members recently.

The last time a lot of people heard about New Orleans when it comes to matters related to COVID-19 was when it was stated that in New Orleans, once you get there, you get the disease. But as of right now, they are no longer spreading the virus as easily anymore, since they have found a way to reduce its spread.

The officials tasked with rejuvenating the economy of New Orleans have seen a lot of reports of unemployment since the shutdowns began in March. These unemployment levels were aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus. The weekly unemployment claims have improved a little bit since their peak as a lot of businesses have started opening shops.

Last year (2019) about two million guests came to New Orleans for vacations, festivals, and other trips. While tourists flocked to the city for the carnivals, all that has changed from March when the first cases of coronavirus were reported in the city.

From this point, New Orleans has lost most of its tourists. All conventions have been cancelled, and the flow of passengers that usually pass through the International Airport at New Orleans has become so small. The officials at City Hall have been expecting a $170 million dollars hit to the budget as a result of the fall in the tax for sales revenues.

How Residents Can Stay Healthy as Tourists Travel to New Orleans

Residents can stay healthy as tourists begin to travel back to New Orleans by simply following the rules by using precautions like wearing their face masks, using hand sanitizer, and avoiding crowded places. Make sure places you visit like malls or supermarkets have scans to check temperatures, as this will prevent the spread of illness from major places of tourism like New Orleans.

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