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How New Orleans Has Rebuilt and is Again Thriving Since Hurricane Katrina

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New Orleans is a city with so much history. It’s been 15 years from the time that Hurricane Katrina brought New Orleans to its knees. But now the city is back alive and thriving. 

When Katrina started, the levees failed to hold back the hurricane waters. About 80 percent of the city was inundated with water. More than 100,000 homes were obliterated, and many people were injured or killed. 

New Orleans since Katrina is now proof of how a city can go through hell and come out on top. 

How Katrina Changed New Orleans

Katrina changed the mix of the city’s population. Now the city has a little bit more diverse population, and this is part of the reason that New Orleans is so unique and rich.

Allison Plyer has been keeping track of changes statistically for the Data Center in New Orleans, since this city has more than 385,000 people living there. It also has less than 100,000 from the census, which was done from the 2000s.

There are about 100,000 fewer African Americans there now before the pre-Katrina times. One said it also had like 10,000 fewer Caucasian residents. There are more Asians and Latinos there now though, which adds to the diversity of the city. 

Different Latinos came in from Texas and other different states, which later got different jobs in construction. A lot of different people stayed after rebuilding the city. 

In a place like Louisiana, rebuilding lots of homes took a lot of time and at the end of the day, several people stayed there. 

Lots of different people came in as volunteers from the relief effort and also stayed. 

This mix of demography has now transformed in different areas. The Player stated that they need to save how authentic the culture of the city is to make sure it isn’t at risk of losing its historic charm.

More on New Orleans After Katrina

New Orleans is still very much the same; it simply feels like there’s a different thing from how it was before Katrina. Nothing much has changed. 

To this day, New Orleans keeps getting younger. It could be because it drags new people in due to its food, music, and culture.

There are almost 500 more restaurants in New Orleans than before Katrina hit. 

To get a job in New Orleans is easier these days thanks to industries and investments in start-up technology companies there.

New Orleans has enjoyed the federal recovery funds, which have made huge investments from private firms that are both foreign and domestic.

The trade here is quite strong with a wonderful port from New Orleans, which has doubled throughout 2009. Right now, they are branched out to different young new industries.

Now we know the difference between New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina and after Hurricane Katrina, and we also know the difference between the population and demography.How do you think New Orleans has changed post Katrina?