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How Do You Treat Poison Ivy Rash in Louisiana?

Louisiana swamps and back woods are known for large varieties of foliage, including poison ivy. That’s why you have to be careful when exploring the wilderness. If you do encounter poison ivy, here’s how to treat it.

How Do You Treat Poison Ivy Rash in 7 Steps

Take a Bath

This is also one of the most efficient home remedies in getting rid of poison ivy from your skin. Thoroughly wash skin and under your nails with enough water. You can also wash your skin with soap and lukewarm water to wash off the plant’s oil.

Studies show that taking immediate action after coming in contact with poison ivy can help in reducing the overall damage. Showering within an hour of exposure with clean water is also said to reduce the spread and body scratching.

Make sure to wash off everything that you came in contact with, such as clothes, shoes, and bags. Wash them all. Wearing gloves will also ensure you don’t get in contact with the poison when tending to someone who already has it. You can start with Grandma Poison Ivy & Oak Bar Soap Bar by Remwood Products.

Rinse with Alcohol

It is also advisable to use alcohol before using water if you come in contact with the poison. Cleaning parts affected by the poison ivy can help in reducing the discomfort. Alcohol removes oil from the skin. So it is also advisable to carry a sufficient amount of alcohol wipes when engaging on a journey especially into the woods.

Do Not Scratch

Having the tendency to scratch the affected area is common after getting poison ivy. But this increases the spread, causes blisters, injuries, and infections. An affected person must resist the urge to scratch, as the oil can be stored in the fingers and transmitted upon contact with skin.

Try Soothing Creams and Lotions

Some creams and lotions can be applied to reduce the mild rash and swelling ceased from the poison ivy. These products usually come without a direction. Commonly used products are hydrocortisone creams and calamine lotion. These products help in reducing those rashes and swelling of the skin. These products containing zinc oxide to reduce the oozing caused by the poison ivy. We recommend Poison Ivy/Oak Cream by All Terrain.

Do a Cold Compress

Using this cold pressing, you’re able to reduce the inflammation and itching of the skin. Making a compress is easy – just take a clean cloth and dip it into cold water. Squeeze the cloth, removing any excess water and place on top of the affected area. Do this for 15 minutes or more several times a day. Most at times, people prefer dipping their cloth in astringent liquid to reduce swelling more effectively.

Take Oatmeal Bath

Research shows that oatmeal contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which contribute to reducing inflammatory skin conditions. Add an oatmeal product to lukewarm water as a very effective homemade poison ivy remedy. It can work more effectively by soaking yourself in the bathtub for up to 30 minutes until you are given signs of relief.

Try Medications

In addition to home base poison ivy remedies or natural remedies, medications can be really helpful in relieving a person from the symptoms of poison ivy. Some medications form include creams, injections, lotions, drugs, and so more.