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Famous People Buried in New Orleans

People like Ernie K-Doe to our lovely Ignatius P. Reilly, several personalities have come from the city of New Orleans. These large life characters typically take their swagger and showmanship to their graves. The Crescent City has above the ground cemeteries which offer perfect vehicles that show off after just shuffling their mortal coils. These comprise of some extravagant graves. If you truly want to find them, you should schedule a tour at St Louis Cemetery. 

List of Famous People that are Buried in New Orleans 

First Cemetery

Benevolent Italian Tomb, St. Louis Cemetery.

When this got constructed in year 1927, this mausoleum became one of the most expensive society tombs which were created. It costs about forty thousand dollars. This baroque tomb has about twenty-four vaults of marble statues which then turned to the beautiful scandalous scene for the 1969 easy rider movie. 

Nicolas Cage at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Apart from the fact that we have the pyramid white shaped tomb which contrasts sharply with all mausoleums and tombs by society. Or is it the presence constantly of red lipstick kisses on the exterior and then which is left by fans that adored him? It could be the Latin phrase that got inscribed over the entry that states ALL FROM ONE. Maybe it could be the fact that the owner of this tomb might not be dead yet. For any reason, the future tomb of Nicolas’s case is truly over the top. 

Marie Laveau at St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

This is the queen of Voodoo. This Greek Revival Tomb is honestly humble compared to several others in the St Louis Cemetery. These are larger than the qualities of life that are compared to the occupant of personalities. Several different supplicants would believe that she keeps healing herself from her magic powers from underground in her grave. They also leave off small tokens, these are usually in sets of threes like entreaties. Others feel and believe that she left her spirit to keep haunting the entire graveyard. Oh well, whatever you believe relating to the things which come after one has died. Oh well, Lady Laveau has beaten death, even if she hasn’t at least, her reputation has.

Chapel, St. Roch at Cemetery No. 1

If you walk to the rear end of this very active part of this cemetery, you would find a very small Gothic revival chapel that has a crumbling petite side with very prosthetic limbs, eyes created using glasses, thank you notes from St Roch, the patron Saint off miraculous cures. There was a collection of cast-off medical artifacts that were both inspiring and creepy. Well, it all depends on your perspective and how you look at all these things. 

My thoughts on these Famous People Buried in New Orleans 

Well, it isn’t easy to have enough funds to be popularly known as a famous person that’s buried in one of the high-class cemeteries in a popular ass place like New Orleans.