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Famous Must-See Historical Spots in New Orleans

brown wooden chairs inside cathedral

The slogan “laissez Les bond temps router” which means let the good times roll isn’t just a farce, you can practically see and feel the vibes around New Orleans. With that bustling energy in the French quarter, the unending parties during Mardi gras, New Orleans is one city that is known for music, vibrancy, popping nightlife, historic architecture, creole food, and numerous festivals. But do you know other than the bustling city life, there’s also something else that New Orleans is rich in and that’s history? New Orleans is home to intriguing history, so even if you feel the bustling energy is too much for you, the historic sites would get to you. So if you’re interested in visiting historic spots in New Orleans but don’t know where to start, this article is just for you. We’ve compiled a list of famous must-see historical spots to visit in New Orleans.

The Lafitte’s blacksmith shop

Situated in the French quarter, the Lafitte’s blacksmith shop could be one of the most spooky places in New Orleans historical spots. This historical spot could be ranked as one of the

oldest running bars in the whole of the US. This circa 1722 bourbon Street building with

twinkling lights and scrubby walls gives an old-school historic feel to it.

The Cabildo

This early eighteenth-century building, restored in the nineteenth century is situated in Jackson Square. The Cabildo was previously used as a court to serve the government for New Orleans Louisiana purchase. The Cabildo is now part of the New Orleans historic building that is a famous must-see place.

St. Louis cathedral

The st. Louis cathedral is another famous must-see historic spot in New Orleans. Situated in the New Orleans French quarters, the st. Louis cathedral is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches that are still active. The church was built in 1718 by French colonists but was destroyed by a fire in 1788. Dating back to 1850, the st. Louis cathedral was rebuilt and designed by J.N.B de Pouilly. It is one of the well-known historic buildings that is visited by tourists as well as featured in TV shows and magazines.

Beauregard-keyes house

This historic building was established in 1826 by Fran├žois Correjolles. This building has been a refuge to many Greek residents throughout New Orleans history. It holds historic importance to New Orleans as during the civil war it was rented out for a short period by PGT Beauregard. It gained its name from housing two prominent residents of the city General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard first and later Frances Parkinson Keyes. The house is open for tours Mondays to Saturdays which allows you access to the original furnishings of Toutant Beauregard as well as an array of Keyes collections.

When it comes to historic spots, New Orleans never disappoints tourists from all around the world. So you can always take your pick, there’s a lot of famous historic spots you can choose to site see when planning your next tour.