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Family Events in New Orleans

Some tourists from around the world usually see New Orleans as a booze-soaked playground for only adults, but for the locals, they know quite well that the city is more than they think. For those that were privileged to grow up in this city, they can testify to the fact that there is no other magical place for a family to have a good time. From carnival costuming to coffee milk, a family will have an unforgettable and unique experience.

You will enjoy the nature-focused destinations in this city and its many parks. Families can as well ride a little boat in the slow-moving body of water or tour around the great storybook playground (larger-than-life). Being with kids does not necessarily mean that you will not enjoy the local culture. There are marvelous bookstores, cemetery tours, and jazz venues that are specially made for the under-18s.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best venues where you can have your family events in New Orleans.

5 Family Events in New Orleans

The Historic Train Garden

Located in the Botanical Garden of the city’s park, the Historic Train Garden in New Orleans has the replicas of trains that move around a track of 1,300 feet and streetcars too. This is a complete and informative representation of the history of New Orleans (all of them are miniature).

During the hours of Botanical Garden, they will open the train garden. But, the trains are available only during the weekends (Saturday & Sunday). Birthday parties can also be held in this garden.

The Carousel in New Orleans’ Amusement Park

There are 15 rides in the New Orleans Amusement Park, including a beautiful historic carousel that was carved by hand. Even the eldest people there will be impressed.


The Storyland is also located in the city’s amusement park. There are 25 sculptures that are larger-than-life to replicate the characters in a storybook. In this playground, you will be impressed by the modeling of the whale, dragon slide, and the pirate ship of Captain Hook from “Pinocchio.”

NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art)

The works by O’Keeffe Georgia, Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, and Monet, have made NOMA be a fine art island that both children and parents alike can appreciate. Kids will be happy with the storytime, art classes, and art workshops that are focused on children.

The Backstreet Cultural Museum

The Backstreet Cultural Museum will grant you the privilege of gazing at the beauty of many colorful and beautiful second-line outfits including costumes of baby dolls and the Indian suits of Mardi Gras in Treme’s heart, paying tribute to the African-American parading culture.

Are you thinking about going to an event with your family? New Orleans will be a perfect destination for you and your kids. You can visit any of the above-mentioned places and have a fun-filled day with an unforgettable experience. Just be sure to wear sunscreen and take multivitamins from Garden of Life to maintain health while traveling with your family.