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Endangered Runaways Rescued in New Orleans

The Internet has been awash with news of the 19 Endangered Runaways Rescued in New Orleans. There are too many Runaways all over the world, this is some sort of pandemic with devastating social consequences. Runaways are minors that leave or are taken away from the safety of their homes and thrust into the streets, faced with the hazards of life unprotected. This usually necessitates the authorities to spring into action and protect the Runaways because in actuality they are endangered. In this article, we going to reveal how 19 Runaways were rescued in New Orleans. 

The US Marshals led an operation in New Orleans that lasted for 4 months, this led to the rescuing of the 19 endangered runaways that this article is about. Other children were also rescued amongst which are the twenty children apart from the 19. The operation was floated by the MCU (Missing Child Unit) of the Marshal Service. The operation was dubbed “This is the Way Home”, it spanned 4 months (from the first of March to the 30th of June 2021). The focus of the operation was to rescue runaways and missing children in New Orleans and its surroundings such as Jefferson parish, St. Tammany parish, and Orleans. One of the children that were recovered is a sixteen-year-old, he was a runaway that was by the police in Clarksville. There are warrants out for him for possessing a firearm, narcotics violation, evading arrest, violation of his juvenile probation, and theft. He was recovered in May around Slidell. The Sheriff’s office of St. Tammany parish assisted greatly in the recovery of said juvenile. He ran away from Tennessee for over a year and he is a suspect in some narcotics and gang activities. 

The operation also led to the apprehension of an adult, one Kolby Warren who is twenty-one years old, he was charged for possession of narcotics with intent to distribute, carrying weapons illegally, and possessing stolen firearms. 

During the operation, several things were recovered including seventeen thousand, five hundred and eighty-six thousand US dollars, 7 firearms, narcotics such as Oxycodone, Codeine, and marijuana. 

In the process of rescuing the endangered runaways, 9 adults were arrested on several associated charges such as having carnal knowledge of a juvenile. 

An infant of 1 month was recovered through Amber alert. 

New Orleans started this operation for the MCU in 2016, due to the success of the New Orleans unit it was directed to instruct other branches on how to organize and coordinate their operations. This has made it gain notoriety in the last couple of years. 


The Marshal Service of the United States is very concerned with the effort of recovering children that have gone missing. The statistics show that from 2015 as many as one thousand eight hundred children have been recovered.  The joint efforts of all these agencies have greatly increased the success rate of recovering missing children and it is laudable.