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Check Out These New Orleans Breweries Tours

New Orleans has become a place of excitement, entertainment, and tourism. Where does your tour take you?  If you enjoy beer, then here are some of New Orleans’ most amazing brewery tours.

7 New Orleans Breweries Tours

Abita Brewing Company

One of the classic brewing companies in New Orleans, the Abita Brewing Company was founded in 1986. The company can be referred to as one of the grandfathers of the brewing industry in New Orleans. They are known for their production quantity in the year. They can produce 151,000 barrels of beer a year.

Crescent City Brewhouse

The Crescent City Brewhouse was opened in 1991. After their opening, they became the first brewpub in New Orleans. Their presence in the neighborhood was so big that it revived a quarter French brewing neighborhood tradition. There are New Orleans themed songs for all and a full section of beer.

Nola Brewing Company

The Nola Brewing Company was established in 2008. The company exists as a result of local brewing lacking in New Orleans, maintaining its position as the longest beer producer. Tours are now available for booking.

Gordon Biersch

The main attraction of the place is its beer and food menu, all of which are tailored to that specific location.

Covington Brewhouse

This brewery first opened in 2005 under the moniker “Heinerbrau.” The brewery is known to be the second oldest distributor in New Orleans. The brewery tours open Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Chafunkta Brewing Company

The word Chafunkta refers to “Tchefuncte,” an old Indian village in the Mandeville living area. As for booze, they hoard four flagships, including cream ale, IPA,  a porter, and an Irish red.

Gnarly Barley Brewing

It was established in 2014. Gnarly Barley has a passion for what they do. They state their mission is to blur the line between traditional beer style.

Enjoy these locations for the best New Orleans breweries tours!