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Changes in the French Quarter Since the Pandemic

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The recent outbreak of the covid19 pandemic has affected a lot of things. But despite this pandemic, the French headquarters has used this rare opportunity to explore the creative, pedestrian-centric approach that has the potential to draw both locals and tourists to sustain the French Quarter healthily and vibrantly.

This French headquarters is working alongside International mobility experts, representatives of French quarter business, and residents are doing all they can during this pandemic. The new city of New Orleans has provided a way of developing a different concept, that has the objective of achieving the following goals.

  • They offer an environment that is safe, accessible, and comfortable for residents and visitors to enjoy. This has helped the residents to feel comfortable and safe during the pandemic because, despite the restrictions, they are still able to access certain things that are needed.
  • Improving the quality of life in all aspects, and provides a sustainable near and long-term pedestrian-centric approach. This method has been helpful since the outbreak of covid 19.
  • Provision of creative opportunities during the covid 19 restrictions, to support the full business ecosystem to reopen, recover and thrive. These means have helped businesses to keep growing despite losses during the pandemic due to lockdown.
  • The framework will also be established, which will help as a support or guide for the building something, that expands the structure to something useful. Processes for decision-making will also be put in place.
  • Taking cues from cities around the world concepts, like, outdoor caf├ęs, space for tablets for restaurants, bike routes, and even markets could be the French quarter of the near future. By then people will enjoy all these new things that will take place because due to this provision, different delicious food will be made available, talents will be showcased and market for buying your choice of goods.
  • At designated hours, there would be pedestrian malls on Bourbon Royal and Frenchmen streets.

All these goals above are what the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for infrastructure, Ramsey Green is heading the French Quarter, pedestrianizing the TIGER TEAM that was initiated by Mayor Cantrell. All this team is doing all they can in looking at both, the near and long-term solutions.

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These are the changes in the French headquarter since the pandemic, we have seen their goals and objectives, that will make the business ecosystem reopen, recover, and thrive forward despite the covid 19 restrictions.

We have seen how they will improve the quality of life in all aspects, and how a framework will be provided. And how PBN can serve as a good source for private blog networks.

I hope this article was helpful.