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Business Feature: Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub

Do you want to get into a lively jazz scene that has an old-world flavor? Then welcome to Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub. Here you’ll meet a large crowd, and though you’ll wait a while until you get drinks, you will enjoy a welcoming vibe and feeling. Here’s what to know about Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub.

 You can pay a small fee to enter the private rooms upstairs. Going upstairs would take you to the “vampire’s lair.” You can enjoy different drinks with dark themes, enjoy the sensuous atmosphere, and go to the balcony to enjoy the fresh air. Whatever style you desire, you’re sure to get something you enjoy here.

Reviews from Guests

For you to know more about Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub, you should learn from tourists and people who have visited this pub and had a good time.

Some people stated that although it took a while for them to get there, they eventually found it. They enjoyed the singer and pianist, since they took requests and had a large musical repertoire.

The bar staff is quite helpful. Even if they make mistakes with your drinks, they easily correct them and make your beverage the way you want it.

Another reviewer stated they stay on the bench close to the door watching time move, and it is a great feeling.

For people that love New Orleans jazz, this is the pub for you.

Someone reviewed stating their night was topped off with a great performance at Fritzel’s from a banjo player with a great cornet player the other night.

Some heard wonderful things about Fritzel’s European-inspired jazz pub, and after visiting, they were not disappointed. They ended up staying in New Orleans for more than two days just to return to this pub.

When the last set started, she and her boyfriend sat at the front row and had moments they would never forget. The skills displayed by the musicians cannot be overemphasized. The man who played the clarinet was a wonder, and he kept the audience engaged all through the night.

This pub is highly recommended. You don’t need to pay the $35-$40 like other pubs around before you get a spot. You just need to get a drink, and you’ll typically be doing that either way. So it’s a win-win situation.

Someone also stated that this is the best pub available on Bourbon Street. You get to enjoy live music and you’ll not get disappointed because you get treated like you’re the only one in the room. It could get crowded, but you can always get a drink and relax to the music. It is fun and it’s what you think of when you remember the good times in New Orleans.

So enjoy Fritzel’s European Jazz Pub. You’ll not regret it.