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Biggest Celebrities in New Orleans

As the news began to spread about the couple Angelina and Brad Pitt selling their big and famous mansion over at New Orleans, soon after other celebrities begin to make New Orleans their home. The city is famous for its dining and nightlife. This is no wonder that rich and celebrities want to come over to the city.

Brad Pitt and Angelina

Not only does this pair call this great city their home, but many have also sighted Brad Pitt over at the plantations, rumor has it that it would be used for a movie. The power couple has a large mansion over at the French Quarter. The powerful pair fell in love in the year 2007 after the terrible incident of hurricane Katrina. After moving to the city, soon after they built a foundation called Make it Right foundation. The foundation has raised millions that have helped a lot in building new housing over at the lower 9th ward.

According to TMZ selling their beautiful mansion, and move somewhere else. Whether these two couples would be seen again is unknown.

Archie Manning

The manning family is a famous football family who has an unabashed legacy with the city of New Orleans, LA. Archie Manning the family patriarch is a decorated athlete. He is both decorated in college football and pro Hall of Famer. He spent most of his career in the New Orleans saints team. He and his wife both raised two football stars, Patting and Eli Manning.

Emeril Lagasse

The city is famous for channeling your own inner Emeril Lagasse in their local cuisine. What better place for finding the best chefs than the city of New Orleans, LA. Emeril Lagasse was born in New England specializes in Cajun and creole cooking techniques. Lagasse fame first caught the light in New Orleans, who was the Executive Chef of a local restaurant called Commander’s palace, then moving on to becoming a TV personality, cookbook author, and an amazing restaurant owner. You can find Emeril’s popular restaurants all around the city including:

  • NOLA Restaurant
  • Emeril’s Delmonico
  • Emeril’s New Orleans

John Goodman

John Goodman is an accomplished comedian in a movie called “ Revenge of the Nerds “ and also “True stories,” however he later moved to better roles in the broadway stages later in his career. Goodman has supported different New Orleans-based incidents such as hurricane Katrina and also the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

James Cardville

This man is popularly known as “Ragin Cajun” has always been a Louisiana resident. Born in Cardville, LA but spending some of his early life in the states. The man has taken a lot of roles. In his political days, James Cardville has played part in some little roles in major Hollywood industries and also contributed to some major news networks, he also teaches Political Sciences over at Tulane University in New Orleans, La. James and his wife currently reside in New Orleans, Mary Matalin with their two beautiful kids Marty and Emma.