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Best Eggs Benedict in New Orleans

Are you planning a visit to New Orleans anytime soon? Do you want to know more about the best egg dishes out in New Orleans that you can eat? Search no further. Here is a list of some of the best eggs benedict in New Orleans. Before we hit the list, I think you should have a little bit of knowledge about the dish so let’s start by asking these few questions:

What is Eggs Benedict?

Eggs benedict is a really delicious American egg dish that is best served as breakfast or brunch. It is made basically with three ingredients which are:

1. Soft boiled eggs

2. Hollandaise sauce

3. English muffin

Any other ingredient you add to these is just toppings to make the dish a lot more delicious. The two half sandwiches are turned faced-up with the eggs on them before putting the hollandaise sauce. It is a really delicious meal to try out.

A Brief History

New Orleans is known for naming food after people and the eggs benedict isn’t anything different. The dish got its name in 1894 when a Wall Street broker by the name Lemuel Benedict who was suffering from a hangover asked to have some buttered toast bread, two poached eggs with crisp bacon, and hollandaise sauce to try to calm his head down. The then chef of the Waldorf hotel known as Oscar Tschirky was really impressed with his choice and made a change to his own breakfast menu by putting the dish on it. Although he replaced the crisp bacon with Canadian bacon and the toasted bread with a toasted English muffin.

The Best Eggs Benedict in New Orleans

If you’re searching for the best eggs benedict out there then New Orleans is the place to see them. New Orleans is popularly known as the capital of eggs benedict. Below is a list of the best eggs benedict in New Orleans.

Eggs Hussarde

This is one really crispy and delicious egg benedict which is made with delicious mushrooms as the beef part of the sandwich, soft English muffins, zesty hollandaise and poached eggs. If you’re going to have brunch in New Orleans, then eggs hussarde is a must-try.

Eggs Sardou

Named after a dramatist Victorien Sardou, eggs Sardou is a completely delicious eggs benedict which in place of English muffins is made with artichoke bottoms. Other ingredients may include anchovy fillets, diced ham, and black truffle. In some restaurants, artichoke hearts are used in place of artichoke bottoms with creamed spinach to give an extra delicious flavor.

Eggs Fauteux

This one is made with smoked fish, onions, eggs, and capers. It tastes spectacularly delicious.

The next time you visit New Orleans and you enter into any restaurant to have either breakfast or lunch, you should make sure you try out the eggs benedicts there.