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Best Coffee Shops in New Orleans (Uptown)

person making latte art

Are you visiting Uptown, New Orleans ,but don’t want to miss out on staying sharp and active with their delicious coffee? Do you want to know the best coffee shops around that offer quality coffee along with excellent customer service? You’re in the right place to get all the answers.

In this article, I’ll take you through a short list of the best coffee shops in New Orleans’ uptown region that you can visit anytime you feel like getting a nicely brewed cup of coffee.

Envie Espresso Bar and Cafe

Rated 4.5 on Google by over 1,600 people, Envie espresso is one of the best coffee shops you’ll find in uptown. They allow dine-in and take away, but they don’t do deliveries. Envie has a very comfortable environment and excellent customer service. They also serve some other delicious breakfast meals just in case you want something more than just a cup of coffee when you visit.

Mojo Coffee House

They serve some of the most delicious cups of coffee and have a great and friendly atmosphere. Their customer service is also top-notch, and it’s why they’re rated 4.5 on Google. Mojo Coffee House doesn’t allow dine-in or deliveries. You can, however, come for a takeaway.

Rue De La Course

Rated 4.5 on Google, Rue De La Course is one of the people’s favorite coffee shops in New Orleans. They don’t allow dine-in, and they don’t do deliveries. However, you can walk in and have a takeaway. They serve other delicacies such as iced coffee, carrot cake, croissant, orange poppyseed, and loads of other breakfast meals.

Cherry Espresso Bar

Rated 4.7 on Google by 246 actual visitors, Cherry Espresso Bar is one of the best coffee shops in New Orleans that also serves amazing breakfast meals to set you on the right tone for the day. They have a very friendly neighborhood that is calm and serene. They serve other delicacies like French toast, cappuccino, latte, breakfast tacos, and lots more.