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Best Chefs in New Orleans

New Orleans has a renowned culinary with a large army of experienced and dedicated chefs. The city offers amazing Creole cuisine, a multitude of mom and pop corner stores regularly dishing out foods with great taste, and a parade of brilliant chefs specialize in traditional cuisine.

There is vibrancy and evolution in the landscape of culinary options in New Orleans ,as new restaurants keep multiplying in the city now more than ever. Many of the chefs in this city have been awarded international accolades, starting from the foundation of James Beard awards to being included in the list of the best new restaurants. This is because these chefs are just so good and they serve the best food around. In this article, we will talk about the best chefs in New Orleans.

9 Best Chefs in New Orleans

Lagasse Emeril

This is one of the best chefs in New Orleans. His restaurants, cookbooks, and TV shows are top-notch and have helped New Orleans’ cuisine to be ranked among the best in the world.

Donald Link

As his name implies, he is the link between pork and fish in New Orleans. Through him, the traditional Cajun delicacy has been redefined compared to that of his contemporaries.

Tory McPhail

The career of this man grew drastically from the farm right to the table. New Orleans is fortunate to have him. He has won multiple awards.

Leah Chase

This is another top chef in New Orleans with multiple awards as well. For the past 7 decades of her entire life, she has been cooking delicious foods at Dooky Chase’s, her restaurant.

Nina Compton

The city of New Orleans has fallen in love with this Caribbean-inspired master chef and her cooking abilities. She is one of the best in the city.

Susan Spicer

She is among the popular and most recognized chefs in New Orleans. She is well known for her professional cooking at her restaurant, Bayona.

Frank Brigtsen

Frank Brigsten lit up the Creole cooking in the year 1986 when he first opened Brigsten’s ,which later became an iconic restaurant at Uptown. Even until now, he is still lighting up the world of cooking.

Justin Devillier

He entered New Orleans without having any culinary experience. Devillier never gave up. He made up his mind and was determined to become one of the master chefs in New Orleans, which is among the most popular restaurant cities known around the world. Actually, he was successful.

Alon Shaya

Alon is very passionate about the Mid-Eastern meal and his passion thrived at New Orleans.

There are still many top chefs in New Orleans that are very talented in preparing outstanding delicacies. Visit New Orleans today and have a delicious meal from one of the best chefs in New Orleans.