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The 10 New Orleans Parishes

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New Orleans is a city in Louisiana, that is on the Mississippi River, which is close to the Gulf of Mexico, This city has a lot of French architects and French culture.

New Orleans is an economic engine that has been in existence for over 300years ago. Today, companies have been attracted to this city because it provided a strong workforce.

These are 10 parishes that are comprised of new Orleans in southeast Louisiana.


1. Washington Parish-:

This is an interior parish, that has diversifying community. It is located 65miles north of New Orleans. Timber and paper were once produced in the industry hub, but agriculture, manufacturers, food processors, and retail traders have taken over this place and made it their home. Washington parish has over 46,289 population and over 77% high school.

2. Jefferson Parish -:

This is the most popular parish in the greater New Orleans region. It is located directly next to the city of New Orleans. It is cheap in transportation and has a very good infrastructural facility it has a large port operation. The services offered at this parish are professional.

3. Orleans Parish -:

This is a beautiful and safe parish, it is known for Region hub of Economic activity. Job opportunity is easily found in this parish. It is located between the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River. Public and private organizations that are into film and digital media are available in this parish.

4. Plaquemines Parish -:

This city is known for its operational center, it has an oil and gas industry. It is the home to the Naval air station joint Reserve Base, the seafood industry, and many others. This parish represents one of the most promising areas for industrial growth.

5. St. Bernard Parish -:

This parish is known for its different cultures and character. It is located at the east of New Orleans Central Business District (CBD). It is the second-largest parish in Louisiana, with over 80% of the water. The parish offers a prosperous home because of the access to water.

6. St. Charles Parish -:

This parish has over 53,169 population, it has an excellent quality of life, a good transportation network, and lots of raw materials. This parish has an eye on future economic growth, which makes companies locate to this place.

7. St. James Parish -:

This is home to different businesses because the soil over here is richly fertilized. It has products like sugarcane and soybeans. Industries have invested greatly in this place.

8. St. John the Baptist Parish -:

This parish has over 42,754 population, which is ideal for industrial sites. It has two major interstate highways and four mainline railroads. It is located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It opens the parish agriculture and petrochemical industries to North America and the world.

9. St. Tammany Parish -:

This is one of the branch parishes in the state, that has a fast-growing community. It is located across Lake Pontchartrain. The transportation is affordable and it has a low cost of doing business, a superb school system, with the low crime rate. Tourists love to visit this parish because of its facilities.

10. Tangipahoa Parish -:

This is located in southeast Louisiana, it has a logistical dream. It also has an ecological diverse land. Companies with manufacturing and agricultural industries have made this place their home. The area is easily accessible through their low transport and three major interstate highway. This is a lovely place to explore.


We have discussed a brief overview of the 10 Orleans Parishes, and have seen what they offer and how popular they’ve become because of their good economy sector. We have also seen how companies have relocated and invested in these parishes, because of how fast-growing the community has become.

I hope this article was helpful.