Wicked in New Orleans and Other Must-See Theatre Performances

There are a number of musical theatre performances that you should see if you ever visit New Orleans. One of them that is absolutely must-see is Wicked in New Orleans.

Why We Love Wicked in New Orleans

Wicked, a theatrical nod to The Wizard of Oz, can be seen on Broadway as well as on tour. You can catch it at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans.

We love Wicked in New Orleans because of the heartfelt story, the amazing set design and costumes, and the stellar acting and music.

It’s about the relationship between two witches, Elphaba and Glinda, and how it’s important not to take everyone at “face value,” because there is always more to the person and their story than you’ll ever know.

In 2004, Idina Menzel was able to earn a Tony Award for the way she acted the character called Elphaba. She steered the role so well that she had no choice but to win the award.

Currently, Wicked has earned far more awards than any other show, except for one, which is the Lion King, in Broadway history. In 2016, it had made over $1 billion.

Wicked can also be seen in different parts of the world like Japan, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico. We can say that Wicked in New Orleans is quite famous, and we won’t be lying.

Other Must-See Theatre Performances in New Orleans

New Orleans Ballet Theatre – The Nutcracker

This is one-holiday treat that is perfect for you and your family members. You can embrace the aura that comes with watching ballerinas impress you and create moving art.

Farewell – Yellow Brick Road

Want to see Elton John come to the yellow brick road for the last time, you should consider heading down there, and having the time of your life.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Who wouldn’t want to head the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? It reminds us of heaven on earth. Treat your ears to melodious tunes that you can’t get enough of.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There is a great chance that you must have watched this as a movie when you were younger. What if we told you that you could embrace this in the theatre and fall hopelessly in love with it? Yes, you read that right. Allow Willy Wonka and the rest impress you.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls! Yeah! Now, you can watch this movie as a musical in the theatre. The show is currently on tour, offering you the opportunity to have access to Tina Fey’s award-winning musical first-hand in New Orleans. Watch the Mean Girls treat your eyes and ears to gorgeous sights and sounds at the Saenger Theatre.


Have you watched Anastasia? There is a great chance that the answer is yes. Do you know that this interesting movie has been adapted to the theatre? You can now watch it performed live and have fun with the family.

Hotspots to Visit on Bourbon Street in New Orleans

There is a great tourist spot in New Orleans that you may have heard of called Bourbon Street, which is located in the middle of the French Quarter. If you are coming from the area near the Mississippi River, all you have to do is to go four blocks north, and if you are coming from Jackson Square, you should go two blocks. You will see a number of cable car stops and bus stops close to Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street has a number of tiny bed and breakfasts, restaurants and bars, and shops around there. There are different sites that you can see on Bourbon Street, and here are a few we recommend.

7 Places to Visit on Bourbon Street

The Famous Door, 339 Bourbon St.

When you head to this place, there is a great chance that you will get to sing jazz standards with those around, and even dance to those American pop classics. You will hear their awesome house band for a perfect evening of live music.

Razzoo, 511 Bourbon St. 

Louisianians and tourists are equally known to fall in love with Razzoo, as it is a late-night dance club. It has been there for about two decades. If you want to party, you should consider going there. They have great hits playing, and you can dance all night long.

Fat Catz, 440 Bourbon St.

Want tasteful live music? You should consider trying out Fat Catz. It is not a bad idea to end your day there.

Music Legends Park, 311 Bourbon St.

You will see the most popular New Orleans musicians honored here. If you want to bask in New Orleans music history, you should consider frequenting Musical Legends Park.

Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo, 739 Bourbon St.

When you hear about voodoo, what comes to mind? Is it curses and hexes? If that is all that comes to mind, there is a great chance that you are wrong. Visit Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo to increase your knowledge about voodoo, a spiritual practice made famous in New Orleans. While you’re there, pick up a voodoo doll or two!

Galitoires, 209 Bourbon St.

If you want to eat great food, you should consider trying out Galitoires. When you dine there, there is a great chance that you will want to stay for seconds. They also have the best waiters that you may ever come across.

Clover Grill, 900 Bourbon St.

If you want tasty, greasy burgers as a late-night snack, you should consider trying out this joint. It is loved by those around and has a pretty swinging jukebox that we all love.

Where will you go when you visit Bourbon Street?

Need a Quick Manicure? Try Hollywood Nails New Orleans

A lot of people love manicures, but there are still a number of people that do not know that there are a number of benefits that come with manicures.

For residents of New Orleans, it won’t be a bad idea to head to Hollywood Nails New Orleans (or a similar nail salon with a positive Yelp review) and get the perfect nails just for you.

We will analyze the major reasons people try out manicures below.

3 Benefits of a Hollywood Nails New Orleans Manicure

A manicure offers you clean nails.

We all crave clean nails, and there is a great chance that you will have access to clean nails when you go for a manicure in a good nail salon.

A manicure gives you beautiful nails.

When you get a manicure at Hollywood Nails New Orleans, you’ll leave with more beautiful nails as a result. Who wouldn’t want to show off trendy new nails? 

A manicure beautifies the entire hand.

When people get a manicure, it is more than merely a beauty treatment for their fingertips. It’s also a way to take care of your hands.

The aim of getting a manicure is to ensure that the total health of the hand is maintained. It ensures that your hands are healthy, clean, and well-kept.

Why? A normal manicure includes trimming the nails, taking out cuticles, polishing the nails, and moisturizing the nails and skin.

The other benefit that comes with undergoing a manicure is exfoliation. When you get a manicure, you take out calluses, as well as dead skin cells from both your hands and nails. The removal of these dead skin cells and calluses can go a long way to promote the growth of new skin cells. We all know the importance of exfoliating.

Apart from that, when you get a manicure, there is a great chance that fungal growth is taken out. Fungal growth, in a lot of cases, is found at the sides of your nails. Manicuring can go a long way to curb the negative effects of fungal growth.

Manicuring can also go a long way to reduce stress. The hands are used in a lot of daily activities. Pampering them wouldn’t be a bad idea. You could relieve the stress off your hands by getting a manicure. 

Don’t have time to go to a nail salon? You could try out nontoxic Zoya nail polish at home to give yourself your own mini spa day!